Friday, October 11, 2013

Doing a double give-a-away this month. On Oct 18th we'll be giving away one of EVOD tanks in the new stainless steel finish  And at the end of the month we'll be giving away 10ml eLiquid of the winners choice. All you have to do is be over 18 and like this page and you're already entered c:

check out our brand new version of the ego-t starter kit 

Always improving!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

new electronic cigarette tank the kanger evod

 The EVOD tank is a break through in atomizer technology. The EVOD features a new design including a bottom coil system instead of the standard wick creating a perfect puff every time! This upgrade from the standard atomizer features a rubberized coating which not only feels great but will match your eGo battery! The kanger evod is one of the most stylish and functional atomizers available for the eGo electronic cigarette, we highly recommend this tank.

With a simple and easy design this atomizer is easily cleaned and re-used!

Friday, May 24, 2013

the best electronic cigarettes just got better

Better quality at the same low price!

 Recently we have began a direct partnership with a 8 year electronic cigarette manufacturing veteran! Since the switch we have had several customers write us about our products and they couldn't be happier!

Due to the partnership set up we will not be raising prices even though there will be a noticeable quality increase. We have always prided ourselves on having top quality electronic cigarettes and although there were nothing wrong with our previous models we always strive to bring you better and better products.
Our newest addition to the line up is the eGo Variable Voltage 900mAh Battery an excellent choice for vape users who have multiple tanks, find the right voltage to match each tank for the perfect tasting hit. 

THANK YOU to all of our customers, we have been operating independently from amazon for 4 successful months all due to our customers having the confidence to refer us to friends, people talking about our giveaways, and of course our recent reviews boosting us in our Google standings, and the community over 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Lavatube 2.0 is arguably the best electronic cigarette on the market. It is a variable voltage battery that allows you to adjust from 3-6 volts in increments of 1/10th of a volt!
    This means no matter what atomizer tank you put on your Lavatube 2.0 will be able to match the perfect voltage to resistance ratio getting you the full flavor potential of your eLiquid. Also the voltage will cause more vapor to be produced, the higher the voltage the bigger the cloud.
The Lavatube 2.0 features an easy to read red LCD screen that shows both voltage and resistance (measured in Ohm). The Lavatube 2.0 comes with two giant batteries, but only needs one to be powered! Never wait on your electronic cigarette to charge again!
Lavatube 2.0 starter kit includes:
1 x Lavatube 2.0 body
2 x Lavatube Battery
1 x Ce4 Atomizer tank
1 x Charger (North American Outlet) 
1 x Giftbox and instructions

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Finally a professional electronic cigarette

In the never ending search to find what is the best e cigarette another contender appears. The eGo F1, also known as the eGo-w With it's professional pen style it makes it easy to take anywhere.

The eGo F1 Atomizer tank's that come with the e cig starter kit are awesome! Once you remove the pen top there is a modern flat and stylish atomizer tip underneath! They deliver a perfect hit. ECIG reviews definitely gives this starter kit our approval.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

This atomizer tank will fit any ego threaded electronic cigarette. This is currently one of the heaviest-duty atomizer tanks on the market. With full metal threading, dual-core atomizer and giant 3.5 ml size! Amazingly perfect eLiquid distribution every time!

Definitely fit's best on the LAVATUBE, PROVARI, and VAMO though. you can find the vivi nova tank
for as little as $11.99!

These atomizers can be fully stripped down cleaned, and come with 2 replacement coils. It will easily last you 6 months if not longer!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

ego lcd battery, a useful version of a popular electronic cigarette

The eGo-t battery comes in many different styles, in this post we are taking a closer look at the eGo LCD

the ego lcd 650mah battery comes in several sizes 650, 900, 1100 and has similiar qualities to an eGo-t battery. However what the eGo LCD has that's different is a small display as seen in the image above. On the display you can see the battery life and a puff count which displays how many times the button has been pressed, or how many puffs have been taken. Which is a nice way to gauge if the battery is starting to get old and wear out.

Happee Cloud is currently selling both the 650mah and 1100mah versions of the ego-t LCD both at prices well below our competitors, even below amazon and eBay! Thank you to our readers, and stay tuned for more posts on custom mod's and atomizers for electronic cigarettes!